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Best brewed beer in Gurgaon

Best Microbreweries in Gurgaon

Life would be wonderful if after slogging for all those tedious hours in office, the day ended with a pitcher of freshly brewed beer and some chicken fries. Heaven, wouldn’t it be?Well, my friends, heaven does exist and we call it Gurgaon! The millennium city is not only famous for attracting large share of population […]

Live screening in gurgaon for T20 world cup 2016

Best places in Gurgaon to watch Live ICC T20 world cup 2016

What is better than watching a T-20 cricket live match at a good venue? It is great fun, trust me, a lot of fun watching T-20 cricket match through live screening in Gurgaon, with your favorite people while enjoying your favorite drink and food, gazing deeply into a huge screen. And if that’s not enough, […]

Best Pasta in Gurgaon

Pasta Treat at Gurgaon

We love Pasta because it is one of the most convenient food that scores high on taste and health! Yes, we don’t shy away from admitting that we look for Pasta first in the lavish spread of cuisines at weddings and parties. Pasta has proved to be a perfect meal when we get late for […]

Best kebabs in Gurgaon

Kebab-e-ishq in Gurgaon

With the increasing Chinese, Italian and Mexican restaurants at Gurgaon, the good old Indian food is losing its charm with the younger generation. No wonder there have not been many additions in good Indian restaurants in Gurgaon which focuses more on food and less on the frills. So here, I would like to reintroduce some […]

Best cakes and pastries in Gurgaon

Sweet Indulgence over best Cakes and Pastries of Gurgaon

Gurgaon has always been a Cake Connoisseur’s destination for its best cakes and pastries in India. Let’s explore these passionate patisseries with their Chefs donning aprons and brandishing butter laden spatulas. So join me in my journey as I find out if the fussover the best cakes and pastries in Gurgaon is really worth it. […]

best Korean food in Gurgaon

From Chaandni Chowk to Korea – Best Korean Food Gurgaon has to offer

In recent years, the millennium city Gurgaon has been enjoying emergence of a lot of food restaurants, most of them based on mesmerising themes, offering lovely service and absolutely lip-smacking food. One cuisine that is unparalleled and one must try in Gurgaon is the Korean cuisine. Quite a few beautiful Korean restaurants have mushroomed in […]

Best Breakfast Buffet in Gurgaon

Rise and Shine with the best Breakfast Buffet in Gurgaon!

Being a morning person, I am a total Breakfast person and trying these King size Breakfast Brunches, I already felt Regal! With so many delicacies in breakfast I feel life is so good! Check out my romance with the Best breakfast buffet in Gurgaon!   Mosaic – Country Inn & Suites It was a long […]


4 Addictive Hot Chocolate in Gurgaon

Gurgaon folks, just imagine sipping your way through a generous dollop of thick cream and chocolate sprinkled over amazing hot chocolate and having the most memorable time! Yes, I know you must be already slurping and if not, you shall start doing so with the below description of the places serving some of the best […]

Best chinese food in gurgaon

Food Voyage from Gurgaon to China

I’m delighted to pen down my experiences in last few weeks while exploring the best Chinese food in Gurgaon. Being a true food-lover and married to a guy who is an epicure too, I frequently get an opportunity to try out different varieties of food. I must say, cravings can take you places! Searching for […]

Dum Biryani in Gurgaon

‘Lajawaab’ Hyderabadi Biryani in Gurgaon!

I was tired with all those typical and mechanical questions that I was bombed with in my tribulation of Arranged Marriage! Being a hard core foodie, the only thing that I took solace in was a visit to my favorite restaurant and hogging into some great Hyderabadi Biryani in Gurgaon after the haunting Arranged Marriage […]

Best Breakfast places in Gurgaon

King size breakfast of Gurgaon

It’s always said that have Breakfast like a King, Lunch like a soldier and Dinner like a Pauper. We Gurgaonites leading a fast life, often ignore the most important fuel of the day ‘Breakfast’. Mornings are too busy to prepare anything at home and then it’s always office hour rush time right? Fikar not, as […]

best Dhabas in Gurgaon

Best Dhabas in Gurgaon

We Gurgaonites mostly think that a typical weekend should be a fine dining at high end restaurant along with some vodka to go with. But we tend to overlook the better food experience that we get at some of the best Dhabas in Gurgaon, keeping the pocket intact. Yes, Dhabas have always been underrated for […]

Best Chicken Shawarma in Gurgaon

Best Chicken Shawarma in Gurgaon

Gurgaon foodies are Lebanese crazy and Chicken Shawarma is one dish that is almost impossible to dish outin one’s kitchen and so to enjoy the best Chicken Shawarma in Gurgaon, one has to try out the amazing food outlets here. The gastronomists shall agree that it is difficult to find that perfectly luscious chicken filling, […]

best food trucks in Gurgaon

Best Food trucks in Gurgaon that will leave you drooling

Young entrepreneurs, adventurous foodies and even some big names in the food industry are fast catching up the trend of food trucks and setting up these stunning trucks in and around the millennium city.Quite a rave in the millennium city, we can findsome of the best food trucks in Gurgaon, set up with the aim […]

Chole Bhature in gurgaon

Chole Bhature: King of Delhi Street Food in Gurgaon

50 years ago, a street vendor used to put up a small stall of Chole Bhature outside a school in Delhi for his passion to cook and feed the kids, at times for free! 5 decades later, this Sita Ram Chole Bhature has emerged as the most popular Chole Bhature street food joint in Delhi […]