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Best veg restaurants in Kolkata

29 Must Try Veg Restaurants in Kolkata

Food is my lifeline and trying out different cuisines is my way of living. Staying in Kolkata, one might think that this city is a hub for Non veg dishes and Bengali food. But, Kolkata begs to differ! There are some of the best veg restaurants in Kolkata that will give you jitters and will […]

Best Sandwiches in Gurgaon

The Last Sand-wich Hunter in Gurgaon

Many of us under rate Sandwiches for its simple preparation. But your misconception shall vanish when you visit these outlets that serve some mind boggling sandwiches with different stuffing and breads that shall surprise you pleasantly. Come, have a look at these best sandwiches in Gurgaon and go crazy! The Joint Café: Discover the Epicurean […]

Starters at Barbeque Nation Kolkata

Barbeque Nation Kolkata: Mother of All Buffets!

All of us just love the eat-till-we-drop buffets, don’t we? Buffet offers a choice of variety and the luxury of sampling different dishes without splurging. And if we are talking about buffets then we surely can’t miss Barbeque Nation Kolkata… best restaurant in Kolkata that gives you unforgettable buffet experience. BBQ nation Kolkata is best […]

List of Cyber Hub Restaurants

Restaurants in Cyber Hub Bring Out the Foodie in You

Do you work in Gurgaon? Where? Cyber City? Really? Dude, you are one of the blessed people we know! Aren’t you? Well, here’s why… Working in Gurgaon now has its own WOW factor, and the biggest reason behind this is the emergence of Cyber Hub. Located in Cyber City – A house to some of […]


Oh! Calcutta: Aha! Kolkata

I am a self confessed Bengali food lover and someone who just loves cooking. I am always on a look out for new Bengali recipes. But there are days in my life when no matter how much I enjoy cooking and say it works as a therapy for me, the very thought of cooking gives […]

Best places in Gurgaon to watch live IPL T20 2016 matches

Best places in Gurgaon to watch live IPL T20 2016 matches

The zeal and frenzy of Cricket has returned with the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2016. The air is filled with cricket buzz and the fever is getting stronger with each passing day. This IPL season, ignite the undying love for Cricket matches and go and enjoy the gentleman’s game the way it is meant to […]

6 Ballygunge Place

6 Ballygunge Place : Kolkata’s Pride

Being a foodie and staying in Kolkata, a city which is also known as the ‘food-ers paradise’, makes me a proud resident of this city. My sister is my partner in crime when it comes to food and we keep eating out to satiate our souls every now and then.And whenever we have a craving […]

Best BYOB places in Gurgaon

Best BYOB places in Gurgaon

It’s the weekend and you want to go boozing and munching with friends. But, unfortunately it’s month end too and going out for drinks can actually put a dent in your pocket! Need not worry about that anymore buddy, because now you don’t have to shell out those extra bucks, at least not for buying […]

Best Bengali Restaurant in Kolkata

12 Best Bengali Restaurant in Kolkata – Ekdum Fatafati!

Sip, bite, slurp, gulp and finally burp! Your first chai in the morning, guiltiest mishtidoi or a roshogulla, spiciest puchka or the messiest sabji kachori; If you are in a mood to tantalise your taste buds you will definitely fall in love with Kolkata. Being a fan of Baangali Ranna myself, this city of joy […]

Goli Vada Pav No. 1 gurgaon offers best Vada Pav

Mumbaiya Vada Pav Gurgaon Istyle

This is about our staple junk food, our own ‘Sukh Dukh ka Sathi’- Vada Pav, which we prefer anytime of the day, to celebrate or to vent out our sorrow or to just create good times with our favorite company. Yes, Vada Pav lovers, these are ‘Your Outlets’ for the best Vada Pav in Gurgaon. […]


Best Places for Ladies Night out in Gurgaon on Tuesday

Ladies and my dear Ladies only! Yes, this is a shout out to all you pretty ladies out there who are party freaks and want to explore the nightlife in Gurgaon. All you ladies who want to know about best places for ladies night out in Gurgaon on Tuesday – we have rounded up some […]

Best Red Velvet Cake and pastries in Gurgaon

Red Velvet Cake that rules in Gurgaon!

I am sure you must have had some sweet obsession sometime in your life. Don’t think naughtier; I am talking about sweets literally! Gourmands having sweet tooth will readily confess their weakness for cakes and pastries. And you will start slurping at the name of Red Velvet Cake. Yes, this is one flavor where you […]

Best Pizza restaurants in Gurgaon

Pizza Mania in Gurgaon!

As a child, our earliest food memories would revolve around pizzas whether in restaurants or at home, where our moms would gladly replace the boring roti-subji with yummy home cooked pizza. When Pizzas strike our minds, it is Dominos or Pizza Hut that ringsa bell! These are the outlets that literally define Pizza for us. […]

Best American food in Gurgaon

Dine in the American style at Gurgaon!

We are young, we are foodies and we don’t hesitate to say that yes, we love American food! We are the Burger generation! And we love it all – the healthy, the fatty but most importantly the tasty! I proudly present some of the must try restaurants serving the Best American food in Gurgaon!   […]

Best Tea in Gurgaon

Get the best Chuski in Gurgaon!

Indians see the sunshine after having their energy shot of the day: Chai! Yes, such is the importance of Chai in India. Be it the break time in college, late night studies, office meetings or office break time, a hot discussion, a simple date, you have Chai literally for every bonding event and moving life […]