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Best Restaurants in Kingdom of Dreams

A Gateway To The Kingdom Of Your Dreams

Entertainment! Entertainment! Entertainment! If this is exactly what you are looking for, then the Kingdom of Dreams in Gurgaon will beautifully grant your wish. With some of the best shows and best restaurants in Kingdom of Dreams, you will keep coming back for more. Spread over a massive 6 acres’ field and built for a […]

Bohemian Kolkata

Why Bohemian Kolkata Will Make You Say Udibaba

Are you the one of those people who simply cannot decide what your favourite cuisine is? Does a dish of Shukto sound just as appealing as a bowl of Florentine, which you want with some Prawn Cutlets and Kasundi? Then there is no better place for you than Bohemian Kolkata – a restaurant where you […]

Best Italian Food in Gurgaon

Italy via Gurgaon: Best Italian Food in Gurgaon

As a youngster you must have surely been dreaming and drooling over Pizza, Pasta, Ravioli etc. Gurgaon Gourmets have always been seeking that perfect authentic Italian cuisine unlike the one that we have at home, weddings or at any mediocre multi cuisine restaurant. So gourmands, explore your territory of Best Italian Food in Gurgaon with […]

Best Chinese food can be found at Chowman Kolkata

8 Reasons Why Chowman Kolkata Is Twirling Me Crazy

I simply love Chinese food, be it from a fancy Chinese restaurant with an amazing decor or at those very often crowded, noisy local spots. And if you have the same craving for Chinese delicacies every now and then, then Chowman Kolkata is the place for you. It is one of the best Chinese restaurant […]

Restaurants serving Best Pav Bhaji in Gurgaon

Pav Bhaji: Mumbai’s Pride in the Belly of Gurgaon

Being a working mother often makes me ponder…Am I a good mother, am I spending enough time with my daughter? Am I by her side whenever she needs me, however, when I fail to answer those questions, to kill that repentance I usually buy her a dress, a toy or her favourite snack she loves, […]

Floatel Kolkata

Restaurants in Floatel Kolkata: The IN and OUT side story

Ever heard of a floating hotel? Well, ensconced on the bank of the river Hooghly, Floatel Kolkata is the only floating hotel in Kolkata popular for its view and also for its comfortable and luxurious stay. I had been longing to visit the hotel and the Easter break provided the perfect opportunity.There are two restaurants […]

Best Rajasthani Food in Gurgaon

Discover the Epicurean Rajasthan in Gurgaon

Rajasthan has always been associated with Regal aplomb. It has its own air about the rich traditions, clothing, serene atmosphere, beautiful deserts and cultural divinity. And where heritage and personality of Rajasthan is concerned, its food plays an important character. The usage of Jowar, Bajra, Gram Flour and exquisite spices makes the outcome just heavenly […]

Koshe Kosha Kolkata

Koshe Kosha, Yours Rural-ly!

It is actually funny for a Bengali staying in Kolkata to visit a restaurant for authentic Bengali food. Well, but that is what Koshe Kosha is all about! The restaurant with its theme of a village can take any Bengali and even a Non-Bengali for a royal culture ride down the imperial past of Bengal. […]

Best Mexican Food in Gurgaon

Mexican Exotica in Gurgaon

Planning to treat your colleagues or friends or family to great Mexican food in gurgaon? Look no further and try these restaurants listed below that offers you the best Mexican food in Gurgaon thus, giving a vast taste range from cheese to light and lemony. The unfussy, zesty cuisine brimming with corn, herbs, beans, meat […]

Candle light dinner in Kolkata

Ek Main Aur Ek Tu for a Candle Light Dinner in Kolkata

‘Starry night, happy mood and just you and your partner’ – Sounds romantic? Love can’t be defined, it can only be expressed. And when you want to celebrate love, spending time with your partner in an amazing place and in an incredible way just feels right. There are lots of romantic things to do in […]

List of places for having Best Parathas in Gurgaon

4 Must Try Parathas in Gurgaon

Gurgaonites shall agree that Parathas is one of the most commonly reoccurring dish in all our meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner. It has almost become regular and so it might have stopped appealing your taste buds. But guys, you got to break that monotony by trying mouth watering parathas from our list of Best Parathas […]

Mainland China Kolkata

Mainland China Kolkata – Come Hungry, Leave Happy!

The thing with having a foodie daughter is that you are constantly eating out – either trying the new restaurants or hitting the old ones. My daughter is a Chinese food freak and Mainland China Kolkata, happens to be her favourite Chinese restaurant. Mainland China, a renowned chain of restaurants doing wonders with its outlets […]

Best Kathi Rolls in Gurgaon

Bol Baby Bol, Rock and Kathi Roll

Kathi Rolls: a yummy street food that originates from Kolkata can now be seen commonly in various cities in India. This most convenient and satisfying dish can be enjoyed anytime of the day. Our own Gurgaon gives some tough competition to the iconic Nizam’s Kathi Rolls. Let us check out these restaurants serving some of […]

Arsalan Kolkata offers Best Biryani in Kolkata

Arsalan Kolkata – Culinary Conquest

Saara Sheher Mujhe Lion (Arsalan) Ke Naam Se Jaanta Hai If you’re a Kolkatan foodie, you ought to know it… The other unofficial name for Kolkata is Arsalan. Well, not literally but it is indeed that popular. Known for its irresistible biryani, Arsalan has earned quite a name for itself over the years. You will […]

Best Mutton Rogan Josh in Gurgaon

Mutton Rogan Josh in Gurgaon: Not to be missed!

Mutton Rogan Josh is one Kashmiri dish that is famous and loved by almost all Non vegetarians! This will rarely be cooked at home for its cooking intricacy and varied flavors and spices. Parties and weddings are another source where you might encounter this recipe but most of you shall agree about your dissatisfaction for […]