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5 Reasons Why You Should NOT Visit Novotel Kolkata


5 reasons Why You Should NOT Visit Novotel KolkataI hate Novotel Kolkata. This five star hotel has become such a great topic in my family and all I hear is “let’s go, this is the last time” every time we visit there. ‘Why, what is the problem’ you ask? Well, I have my reasons – rather, 5 reasons why you should not go to Novotel Hotel Kolkata. Here it goes:

1. You should not visit this hotel because it spoils you! Yes, it spoils you for choice! There is just too much too choose from the world class local and international cuisines including Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Italian, Continental and so on. So where should one go? Which cuisine to try? It’s confusing! 😉
2. But, if you are looking for a great multi-cuisine restaurant, you should definitely not go to The Square at the Novotel hotel Kolkata. Though the restaurant serves scrumptious Chicken Mushroom Ceaser Salad and Grilled Prawns in Butter Garlic sauce, but their super delicious fare actually makes you want to eat more and more. So, you might end up gaining weight (Nom Nom)! Now, who on earth would like that?

Insider tip: Do not try the above mentioned food, it is sinful. (Pocket Pinch: approx Rs.1150 per person)
3. Studio- The Pan Asian Gallery at Hotel Novotel Kolkata, makes you greedy. You will just keep on ordering for more. The food is yummiliciously good and it is very popular for its Dimsums and Sushi. You are so busy eating here, ‘one portion this, two portions that, repeat that drink’ that’s all you will say here. Huh!
Studio The Pan Asian Gallery at Hotel Novotel Kolkata
Insider tip: Benjamin, the Senior Sous Chef here is known for his expertise in perfect taste, so if you eat here, you might end up eating more than you can. (Pocket Pinch: approx Rs.1100 per person)

4. Cafe Delice at Novotel Kolkata, which is famous for its excellent Macaroons and blissful desserts, has a peculiar problem. The restaurant wants you to expect Champagne at the price of a mere chocolate! Is that done? 5 star hotels are supposed to be expensive, right?

Insider tip: The serving staff are as sweet as the desserts here, they might lure you into having more sweet delights at such low prices, do not fall into their trap! (Pocket-Not-So- Pinch: approx Rs.350 per person)
5. Sante Bar at Novotel Kolkata actually casts a spell on you. So, even after you have finished their appetising tasty finger food along with some bizarre cocktails, you don’t feel like leaving the place… you are so hooked to it! You try to get back home but the ambience and the feel of the place will stop you. Now I am sure that everyone wants to reach home on time, but this place does not let you leave. Isn’t it maddening?

Insider tip: Happy hours generally starts from 12 noon to 8 pm. Do not enter! Next thing you know you start working from not home, but Sante Bar! (Pocket Pinch: approx Rs.850 per person)

Well, this was my take on Novotel Kolkata. Because of a nice long drive and tasty food, it has become my weakness and a routine for almost every weekend. I can’t do anything about it now, but save yourself!

So, what do you think ?

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