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Go Thai at Gurgaon-land


Best Thai food in GurgaonThai food is a profusion of exotic flavors and fragrances, be it juicy pieces of grilled pork on a stick, creamy curries, spicy stir fries or a fiery bowl of ‘Tom Yum’ soup! The food is high on taste as well as health and it shall be a big feast for vegetarians as well as non vegetarians. Below we capture outlets serving some of the best Thai food in Gurgaon.

List of Best Thai Restaurants in Gurgaon


Wai Yu Mun Ching

A feel good place with warm ambiance and friendly staff, Wai Yu Mun Ching is a small Thai restaurant in Gurgaon that ranks high on food! The Manchow soup, Stuffed Mushroom and Chop suey are not to be missed if you are here! The soups are a must try followed by their amazing main course. Thai Basil Chicken in black bean sauce is simply piquant! For main course, Hong Kong style noodles and their special fried rice along with Kung Pao chicken is the staple order here! Want to have Best Thai food in Gurgaon? Come here!

Side Wok

This is a place that you should come if you are a Thai food lover. Chicken and Veg Thai Curry is so authentic! The Spring Rolls are crunchy and crisp with perfect filling and yes, not too oily. Their Tom Yum soup is perfect and it does not get any better when served during freezing winters! The sauté vegetables in black pepper sauce is a great combination when served with hot steaming rice! Thing Ming mushrooms will be loved even by Mushroom haters! Gurgaon gourmands already know that this is Best Thai food in Gurgaon.
Thaichi Street Chicken Kung Pao is considered as one of the best in town

Thaichi Street

Discover the Thai taste that shall sweep you off your feet in this small joint! The ambiance is vibrant with cute Murals on the walls reminding you of Thailand. If you are a soup lover, then you cannot miss the brilliant variety of soups here. Chicken Kungpao for starters and Massaman curry shall just hit the right cord in a foodie! Thai Rock Fish and Roasted Spicy Chicken are very delicious. You will relish the complimentary Jasmine tea with the meal. Food connoisseurs, you must explore this ‘street’ that serves one of the Best Thai food in Gurgaon.

Oriental Fusion

Scouting for a Thai restaurant in Gurgaon? What better place than Oriental Fusion! The Tom Yum soup, Chicken Lollipop and Honey Chili Potatoes are some of the best dishes this place offers. Spring Rolls, Fried Mushrooms, Shredded Lamb will satiate that strong hunger pang of yours! Kai Phat Mamuang is a little different in taste but worth trying and so are Prawns, Fish and Lamb preparations. Chicken in black pepper sauce and fried Wontons are the dishes that shall make you exclaim ‘yes, this is the best Thai food in Gurgaon’! Phae Phat Krob Phuk must be explored if you are a Thai lover. Menu has funny sounding names and you will always have a smile while ordering the dishes.


The themed interiors will right away captivate you at the very entrance. The Lamb dish, Crispy Shrimps, Glass noodles, Chicken in Malaysian sauce and fish with Oyster sauce are just beyond comparison. The beach shack soya garlic prawns with garlic butter Udon noodles are simply brilliant! The Chicken Bangkok bowl will remind you of Bangkok taste. Don’t miss the Pomegranate Sangria in red wine at this Thai restaurant in Gurgaon. Yes, it goes without writing, Mamagoto does serve the tag of being the best Thai food in Gurgaon.
Best Thai Food in Gurgaon is at Red Hot Cafe try  Green Thai Curry there

Red Hot Café

This is the most reliable place for delicious and authentic green and red Thai curry. Lamb and Mushroom along with yummy Tom Yam soup is one meal you will remember for long. The Penang curry is very well made. Pad Thai Noodles is a MUST try here. Chilli Chicken and Egg fried rice are too good and not to be missed! Stir fried greens and diced Tofu in sesame seeds is one dish that ranks high on taste, freshness and health. You will surely get best Thai food in Gurgaon here with each dish meticulously designed.

These invigorating sour, spicy, hot tastes just scream ‘Thailand’ at these joints serving best Thai food in Gurgaon!

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