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She Sells Sea Food by the Gurgaon Shore


Best Sea Food in GurgaonThere are people who love hassle free, simple food which cooks fast and tastes awesome. One such meal is Sea Food and yes to savor that assortment of best Sea Food in Gurgaon, you have to explore the gourmand horizons of Sea Food restaurants in Gurgaon! Be it that succulent fish or a perfectly flavored prawn, you get the east, west, north and south, all the regional flavors in these amazing Sea Food restaurants I am about to mention below.

Coastal Reef

A small place with not more than 6-7 tables opens the door to the world of delectable tastes in sea food! Yes, this is Coastal Reef that serves best sea food in Gurgaon with interesting collections of dishes from all coastal states of India. The spicy Prawn soup is absolutely yum but may be a bit too spicy for some. The Malabari Fish Fry accompanied by Appams and Malabari Parathas is a combination to look out for at this unique South India taste sea food restaurant. Fish in banana leaves and the Kuthu Paratha is one dish which is must try here!


An interior giving you a feel of South India with South Indian movie posters, Zambar gears you up for some best South Indian food and Sea food in Gurgaon. Konkani fish and Malabar fish is perfectly spiced and well balanced in flavors. Teaming it with hot piping Appam or steamed rice gives you a wholesome meal. Gunpowder Prawns, Tamil Nadu Fish curry and Chettinad Prawn Thokku are some of the best Seafood dishes here. If you are craving for Coastal Food feast and don’t want to end up spending at a 5 star hotel, this is your place!

Oh! Calcutta

When you crave for crustacean delight, Oh! Calcutta is your address to relish the best Sea food in Gurgaon. You shall go Oh! with the varied choices of cuisines here. A few of their Sea food specialties deserve a special mention here as they serve superb Fish in mustard sauce and Prawns Lauki. Bengali and Oriya food lovers shall have a feast with the each dish beating the other in taste and flavors!


The good old Swagath has been the haven for the best Sea food in Gurgaon; Yes, there is no doubt about this taste tantalizing venue! There is a lot to rave about here but Butter Pepper Garlic Prawn, Swagath Special Fish, Pomfret Fry, Sole Patrani, Bangda and Surmai stand out. As the name suggest, Swagath is one Sea Food restaurant that welcomes you to the glorious world of tang and taste!

The California Boulevard

If you want to dine with class, The California Boulevard will lure you in! Life looks super happening when dining at this high end, sexy Sea food restaurant that oozes Hollywood class and romance. This place offers a potpourri of food, fashion, music, glamour and 300 delicacies of world cuisines ranging across 30 countries. For some best Sea food in Gurgaon, you must try Beer Battered Fish which is a star of their Sea Food menu. Prawn Spring Rolls are something which is a customary order here! You might not want to miss the uniquely presented Gazzak Kulfi after an appetizing meal.

The Oriental Blossom

Your soul will blossom after having Golden Garlic and Peppery Hot Prawns here. Awesome ambience and delicious food, isn’t this enough to entice you? Visit this place for some great Sea food in Gurgaon along with elaborate varieties of wines!
Until you visit that Island that dishes out better sea food delicacies, reach out to these Food Paradise giving you the best Sea Food along with an amazing ambience! Yes, these places are sinfully tasty!

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