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Railway Mutton Curry in Gurgaon: Tastes from the British Raj Train


Best Railway Mutton Curry in GurgaonThe moment you hear of Railway Mutton Curry, its takes you back to the colonial era when traveling through First Class train was a status symbol and having Railway Mutton Curry was an affair to remember! Yes, this dish was originated during the British rule colonial era. The legacy of this gourmet’s dish is continued and this not too spicy recipe serves a great taste to Indian Palette. The carnivores must be already slurping…. Without any delay, let’s check out the best Railway Mutton Curry in Gurgaon.

Made in Punjab

As the name goes, this restaurant serves the food with all its authentic Punjabi flavors intact! Yes, this is for all Gurgaonites who like to dine in style. With a classy vibe, you are in for a helluva of a ‘Punjabi Khane ki ride’! One dish that you just cannot afford to miss here is the best Railway Mutton Curry in Gurgaon! Yes, it is best in the way it tastes! From nostalgia to taste this curry is First Class in every way! It is perfect – not too spicy yet flavorsome! You can end the appetizing meal with delicious Moong Dal Halwa which is famous here.

Sahib Sindh Sultan

A heavy name and a heavily elegant place! You are already in for a royal treat for yourself at Sahib Sindh Sultan! The ambiance speaks volumes about the restaurant and its character in a way they have framed the place in form of a regal train bogey! Its not just the ambiance but this place scores brownie points especially for its best Railway Mutton Curry in Gurgaon! You will lose your senses to the succulent cubes of lamb cooked with potatoes in a medley of exotic spices and ground chili! The dim lighting and partitioned tables play the perfect supporters for a great meal! Don’t forget to enjoy brandy Gulab Jamun with this…
Try Railway Mutton Curry at Angreeze Dhaba Grill  one of the best in gurgaon

Angreeze Dhaba Grill

This is a lovely North India cuisine restaurant that dishes out desi tadka in sophisticated ways! Mutton lovers, you can now relish the best Railway Mutton Curry in Gurgaon at this ‘Gurgaon Foodie Award 2015’ winner restaurant! Yes, Angreeze Dhaba Grill attains class and goodwill through its impeccable service and food that is prepared fresh for each day. The soft mutton just melts in your mouth and the gravy is rich in flavors! You can feel the difference in the gravy here as it is made fresh unlike many others that use days old gravy! I bet you will gorge on that best Railway Mutton Curry in Gurgaon like there is no tomorrow!

Leaping Caravan

Leaping Caravan is an interesting name that retains its ‘interesting’ quotient in its food, conduct etc. This place has been redefining good home-delivery food. Its menu is highly celebrated for its eclectic varieties from around the Indian sub-continent like Amritsar, Delhi, Kolkata, Lahore, Peshawar, etc. Hardcore Non vegetarian? You must try the best Railway Mutton Curry in Gurgaon and this utterly luscious thing is specially created using home techniques and spices that we use in everyday life to give an authentic home cooked touch to it. Its makes it to our list of the best Railway Mutton Curry in Gurgaon for its rich, warm flavor which is just the perfect treat for the winters! A hint of sourness and heat on this dish gives it that extra zing. Have your dream dish with the mouth melting Onion Paratha/Green Chili Naan. The best part about Leaping Caravan is that it tones down its oil and serves the yummiest dishes keeping your cholesterol in check.

Go satiate your pangs with some First Class Railway Mutton Curry without the spent on a Railway First Class ticket!

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