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Best Kashmiri Food in Gurgaon: Jannat Bas Yahi Hai


Best Kashmiri Food in GurgaonKashmir is one place that has always been in highlight be it for its border issues or natural beauty or woolens or food. One shall easily find the Kashmiri woolens, handicrafts and carpets in Delhi and Gurgaon but it is tough to get that authentic and elaborate cuisine of the ‘Heaven on earth’ here in Gurgaon except for the not so authentic Kashmiri food that you usually find in North Indian weddings. But being a hardcore Kashmiri, especially having lived my golden childhood days in Srinagar, now being a Gurgaonite, it was my cherishable journey of discovering Best Kashmiri Food in Gurgaon.

Is duniya mein agar jannat hai to bas yahi hai.. yahi hai.. yahi hai

Gushtaba is considered as Best Kashmiri food in Gurgaon

Kyen Chen

Kyen Chen serves one of the most authentic Kashmiri cuisines that made me nostalgic, through its bright, fragrant and flavorful dishes. I couldn’t just get enough of Tabak Maas and Yakhni. Rogan Josh was great. Goshtaba meatballs were the most succulent I have ever had! With the fantastic Qahwa, my Kashmir craving got satiated! Gushtaba made in curd with spices and herbs like fennel powder, mint powder and ginger was just yummm! The dearth of authentic Kashmiri cuisine gets fulfilled here!


I boast of this proud place that serves the best Kashmiri cuisine in Gurgaon with its unique home cooked food touch. I remembered ‘Naani’s house’ having Kabar Gah that was delectable, Tabak Maas which had no iota of rubbery-ness and the Lamb Roganjosh that was flavorsome. The seasoning in each dish is just so perfect. The concept of ordering in Kilo is great to enjoy a good kashimiri meal with close friends!

Kashmiri Kitchen

This cozy place with just 3-4 tables serves some best Kashmiri cuisine in Gurgaon with its subtle flavors. Goshtaba was undoubtedly among the best in Gurgaon! Nadur Yakhni, basically Lotus Roots cooked in a yogurt based gravy with plain roti gave me ‘Heaven on my Tongue’ experience literally! My authentic Kashmiri cuisine plate was filled with the perfectly steamed rice with mutton Roganjosh which I finished till every morsel of rice! The breads/roti here is unique and delectable.
Kahsmiri Ghost Kofta Best Kashmiri Food In Gurgaon


As the name goes, it was an actual ‘Daawat’ for me with a beautiful mix of Mughlai and Kashmiri dishes. The menu is elaborate and you get to have one big feast especially with the authentic Kashmiri cuisine which is a take away. The deep fried Mutton Ribs have simple but exquisite flavors. Ever dreamt of experiencing Kashmir? You shall get some of it surely with the Kahsmiri Ghost Kofta in crimson gravy with Pudina Paratha; definitely making it a contender for the best Kashmiri food in Gurgaon.

Koul Kashmiri Daawat

It is really difficult to find authentic Kashmiri cuisine in Gurgaon where one easily feels a mix of Punjabi flavors in Kashmiri food. But Koul Kashmiri Daawat broke my notion. Ideally cooked Roganjosh with Kashmiri Paratha and mildly spiced Kashmiri Pulao laced with cashews and cinnamon gave me a feel like I was having my favorite meal as a kid back in my favorite restaurant in Srinagar. Dum Aloo was probably the best I have ever had which was just perfectly made with high pressure and in thick spicy gravy. Really, Koul kashmiri Daawat comes straight from Kashmir offering best Kashmiri cuisine in Gurgaon.
Wazwan Food is the Best Kashmiri Food in Gurgaon

Wazwan Foods

‘Wazwan meal’ is a pride in Kashmiri culture and identity and I always loved Wazwan. The name itself drew me to this place and I must say that this place lived up to its name. Veg Shami Kawab accompanied with Roomali Rotis totally captivated me! Gushtaba was one of the best I ever had. The most appealing thing here is the quality consistency and staff service which you rarely find in Gurgaon. Dahi chicken was also luscious and so was Biryani. I strongly recommend Kashmiri migrants here to try Wazwan food to experience best Kashmiri cuisine in Gurgaon.

Gurgaon, lets discover the ‘Heaven on Earth’ on our plates with best Kashmiri food in Gurgaon at these mind blowing restaurants at least if not visit the original ‘Heaven on Earth’. Go, the heaven is not too far away and neither heavy on pocket!

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