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4 Addictive Hot Chocolate in Gurgaon


Best-Hot-Chocolate-in-GurgaonGurgaon folks, just imagine sipping your way through a generous dollop of thick cream and chocolate sprinkled over amazing hot chocolate and having the most memorable time! Yes, I know you must be already slurping and if not, you shall start doing so with the below description of the places serving some of the best hot chocolate in Gurgaon. Chocolate lovers or non-chocolate lovers, give this hot chocolate a try and I am sure you will regret not trying it before!
Hot chocolate at dunkin donuts

Dunkin Donuts

At the name of Dunkin Donuts, we all start dreaming and drooling over Donuts first! Few of us know that another thing that is worth trying is their hot chocolate. Gurgaonites, now you can fight that chilling winter with a classic warm-you-up treat! Yes, it is here that you can have a taste of one of the best hot chocolates in Gurgaon! Here you can get a delicious sweet treat of hot chocolate with your favourite flavour donut. Dunkin Donuts is a convenient hangout for the youngsters and corporate people at the UCP complex. Added advantage is that they come out with deals and offers quite often and also credit you points on every purchase you make which is cumulated in your Dunkin account.
Hot Chocolate at The chocolate room

The Chocolate Room

Get lost in the Chocolate ecstasy at the Chocolate room! Yes this is the place where almost everything in the menu includes Chocolate. Craving for chocolate? Chocolate Room is the place for you where you can please yourself with yummy chocolate treats and what could be better than having your chocolate treat with one of the best hot chocolates in Gurgaon. It is perfectly blended and has the right taste; not too sweet, not too bitter. This is probably the only place that serves some fresh and naturally prepared chocolate desserts. The chocolate here shall surely not harm you. With the light music and cool ambiance, The Chocolate Room should be on your cards for your next cosy evening over some great chocolate treats!

Address – G 10 & 11, Baani Square Market, Sector 50, Nirvana, Adampur, Haryana 122018
Hot Chocolate at Chaayos


Chaayos has always been a talking point for its Chai but one underrated drink here is their hot chocolate. Yes, Chocolate addicts, note this place for the most amazing piping hot chocolate! That combination of thick, warm and chocolaty cocoa is something you shall never get to taste anywhere else, and this richness at such throw away price is one offer you just cannot afford to miss! The hot chocolate here will be absolutely loved by all age groups! So don’t just dream and drool, walk in to your nearest Chaayos to indulge, not in chai, but the best hot chocolate in Gurgaon.
Hot Chocolate at Di Ghent café

Di Ghent café

Your first exclamation on entering this place will be ‘Wow!’ for its quaint setting, openness and serenity. This place is not cramped and you can have lovely sunlight pouring in from the windows while you dig yourself in some amazing food and drinks. Lying low in life? One glass of sizzling hot chocolate here is your remedy for soul and life! Personally this is the best hot chocolate I have tasted in Gurgaon and you will love this even if you are a non-chocolate person! Some people don’t like too much chocolate as it makes them feel heavy and full, but with this mean cuppa, you’d rather not eat or drink anything else than miss this. The hot chocolate leaves a sweet mild chocolate fragrance in your mouth for a long time. You will love it for its perfect temperature, texture, consistency and richness. The chocolate used here is of a high quality and that may mean it’s a bit heavy on the pocket but this drink instantly heals you and gives you a high and is strictly not to be missed!

Address – 208, Level 2, Cross Point Mall, Opposite Galleria Market, DLF Phase 4, Gurgaon, Haryana 122002

You will feel that with each sip of this chocolate drink you get transported into that wonderland of pure sweetness and richness from where you would never want to return! Rush, the Chocolate passion is awaiting you!

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