Best Golgappe, Paani Puri, Puchka in Gurgaon

What’s in a Name? Paani Puri aka Puchka aka Golgappe in Gurgaon


Best Golgappe, Paani Puri, Puchka in Gurgaon‘Bhaiya thoda paani aur dena saunth daal kar’! Yes,this very line is synonymous with the king of street food- golgappe. I am sure, people of all ages and sizes must have tried, this “one” street food- golgappe, puchka, batashe, gupchup, or for many, paanipuri. There are so many variations and names to this ultimate heavenly street food, which gives you only one feeling – ‘awesome’. In a city like Gurgaon, where people hunt for cheap and good food, Golgappe always seems to be a perfect option. And if you are lucky enough to find best golgappe in Gurgaon, then my friend, you can’t escape from those spicy flavours in ‘meethapaani’.
Walking down the memory lane, I still remember during my childhood days, when me and my sister used to have a sore throat or had a craving for some ‘teekha’ flavour, we used to flee to market and munchgol gappe,as we believed it would cure us, hahaha!! Nice excuse though! Even in any of the weddings, first & foremost we used to look out for a stall which served golgappe. I really miss those days! All our future plans and gossips “gupshup”were doneover “gupchup” the best and affordable street food of all the time! Till date, whenever I eat golgappe,I feel nostalgic.
Though, you may find countless vendors across the street, however finding the best tasting spicy water and crispiness of those “shells”(gol gappe) is a great task! Here is my recommendation, for the vendors, who servethe best golgapppe in Gurgaon. So, that you can also experience this enjoyable street food with your friends, family or may be alone, when you need a break from a mundane life.

Delhi – Kingdom of Dreams: Dilli in Gurgaon

Kingdom of dreams, as the name says it all, it’s truly a paradise; rather you can say, the whole ‘India’ in one Kingdom.Be it, showcasing cultural dances from all across the nation or the culture gully, where the food extravaganza begins with ‘Delhi Live Kitchen’ a street food corner which serves Delhi’s assortment of snacks & chaats. Right on the top, of their menu is semolina or flour puffs (gol gappe) with the stuffing of boiled potato,chopped coriander & boiled horse gram with different types of chutneys, served with the choices of spiced water:hing, sonth aur teekha khatta paani, it is marvellous! However, golgappe are priced a little on a higher side, nevertheless the taste and ambiance compensates it all! This indeed is, one of the places that serves the best golgappe in Gurgaon. The place is ideal to spend a day with your family, friends or for a corporate outing.

Haldiram’s: Ram Ram sa!

This place is quite renowned for its huge variety of quick bites, food, hygiene and lots of crowd. I often visit this place whenever I crave for teekha chatpata food. It is one of the places which serve the best golgappe in Gurgaon in a decent fast food setting. Crisp shells served with tangy mint spiced water, along with chutney blended with sweet and refreshing flavours, which you can stuff with masala made of boiled mashed potato and chana. When put them all together, it is scrumptious! It works as an appetiser for me, before I explore their other food options.

Om Sweets: Abode of quick bites

This place is primarily eminent for its sweets; however, one thing you can’t afford to miss out here is their golgappe. Here is my next recommendation for you.If you are fond of semolina puffs (sooji gol gappe) which is served courteously, and where hygiene is given a preference you must try this place. People find this place excellent because it has variety of food options and serves best Golgappe in Gurgaon. It is served with stuffing made of boiled chana and potato, with two types of boondi water – spiced-tangy and sweet-tangy, giving it a pungent flavour to your taste buds!

Chaat Chowk: Be there at the Junction

Last but not the least! Chaat Chowk, a cosy, small and yet a hygienic place has a variety of reasonably priced snacks option.One thing, which compels me to visit this place again and again is their mouth-watering gol gappe, be it sooji or aata…these crisp shells filled with stuffing which melts in your mouth with the spicy and tangy flavoured water in it,or be it their other chaat options,all are praiseworthy! Their menu has two variant puchka or golgappe, must try both.Though, we have all tried gol gappe with spiced-tangy mint water as it is very well-known,however, you must also try their dahi gol gappe, which is a new twist to this street food!So, in case you are in search of best golgappe in Gurgaon, this place ought to be in your list.
So, take a breather from all those worries, start catching up with your old buddies and go for a Gupshup gappe in session!

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