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Food Voyage from Gurgaon to China


Best chinese food in gurgaon
I’m delighted to pen down my experiences in last few weeks while exploring the best Chinese food in Gurgaon. Being a true food-lover and married to a guy who is an epicure too, I frequently get an opportunity to try out different varieties of food.

I must say, cravings can take you places! Searching for nearly an hour or so, and to calm down my taste buds with some delicious food, I could hear its China calling, No! No! I didn’t travel to China exactly; I drove a few miles in search for the best Chinese food in Gurgaon, which happens to be my workplace and a hub for some good Chinese restaurants. Since I had a client visit from abroad and I intended to take them to dine out, I was a little picky, as I wanted to give them a taste of authentic Chinese food in Gurgaon.

Chinese food isn’t always “Hakka Noodles”so, I had to be very selective for the best Chinese food in Gurgaon with the perfect oriental dishes and taste.Let me take you through my discovery for the Best Chinese food in Gurgaon.

Garlic Chilli Noodles at Wokamama

Wokamama: Relaxing ambiance with lip smacking food!

Wokamama – undoubtedly one of the best Chinese cuisines in Gurgaon! When it comes to good quality food and relaxing ambience ,I don’t mind spending extra bucks; sometimes it’s good to treat your tummy with no reasons, and to my delight this place was pocket friendly too.

It was the perfect weather for a steaming hot soup; I had opted for Wokamama Steam Boat, served from a big round soup pan, a bowl full of fish chunks, prawn & shrimps, mixed with exotic veggies, it was delectable! Starterson my plate were dumplings stuffed with chicken along with tofu & broccoli dumplings and they were all very enjoyable. Garlic Chilli Noodles were remarkably thin with the right balance of flavours, and were not overcooked in chilli. If you have a sweet fang and love to experiment something different in desserts, try their honey glazed noodles with Ice cream, it was absolutely mind blowing. So, far it was the best Chinese restaurant in Gurgaon.

Address – N.R.27, Main Nathupur Road, U Block,Nathupur Village, DLF Phase 3, Sector 24, Gurgaon, Haryana 122002

Chicken Drumsticks at Berco's

Berco’s: Considerate staff & delectable food

If you are yearning to dine out after a long hectic day at work, this place should definitely be on your list. From anice ambiance to courteous staff which makes the dining experience memorable to awesome food this place has it all. Quite an admired name for the best Chinese food in Gurgaon!

A Must try is Chicken Drumsticks – they were brilliant. Chicken wok in chilli basil was great, it was brilliantly blended with basil aroma & flavour and the use of herbs was appealing. It has a few good options for vegetarians’ too! Vegetable choupsey, Chinese choupsey along with rice & noodles, Shanghai style and chilli garlic noodles were some of the options to opt for.Overall a relief to your taste buds!

Address – S-01, 2nd Floor, Central Plaza, DLF Phase 5, Sector 53, Gurgaon, Haryana 122002

Pan fried chicken dumplings at Yo! China

Yo! China: Quite a promoter for Best Chinese food in Gurgaon

Weekday buffet lunch is a good preference which gives you an assortment of Chinese food. To start with Chicken coriander soup was amazing and the freshly chopped coriander with tender chicken pieces scored a 10/10. Along with the soup I had ordered pan fried chicken dumplings, crispy honey chilli chicken, American choupsey, fried noodles and a kiwi lemon mojito jar which was amazingly good. Chicken fried rice served with hot garlic sauce was a super like! Overall a great place to hang out with friends & family for great tasting Chinese food in Gurgaon.

Address – 1st Floor, MGF Metropolitan Mall, MG Road, Gurgaon 122002

Honey chilli potatoes at Big Wong

Big Wong: You can never go wrong with Dimsums!

If you are on the hunt for a cosy place and also for one of the places serving the best Chinese food in Gurgaon -this is certainly one of them! Read on to find out about few of my favourite finger licking dishes here. The chicken sweet corn soup in appetisers; this place serves the best dimsums in Gurgaon, you have a lot of options on the menu, however my personal favourite is corn and water chestnut dimsum which can go along with honey chilli potatoes in starters, and they were really crusty & juicy. Drunken Noodles were appetizing and the title reminded me of Jackie Chan’s Movie drunken master, consequently keeping in mind the Oriental flavours and use of herbs in all the dishes is enthralling.

Address – G – 40 & 41, Ground Floor, Baani Square Mall, Near Hotel Hilton Garden, Sector 50, Gurgaon, Haryana 122018

Kung-Pao-&-rice at Mamagoto

Mamagoto: Pepsup your mood and taste buds!!

This one delightfully tops the list for best Chinese food in Gurgaon. To start with,my favourite is their cocktail section, they are naturally infused with no synthetic flavours added and it gives you a kick & hits your soul! I quite liked “pomegranate sangria in red wine”.

Now, that’s a good start to a meal. Their vast menu gives you plenty of Pan Asian mouth-watering food options. My Personal favourite in Chinese is their street style spicy dumplings. Kung Pao & rice were luscious, accompanied with stir fried Udon noodles were delicious too.While you are there don’t curb your sweet craving as their Desserts are utterly divine and not to be missed.

Address – SCO 56, PVS Building, City Centre, Sector 29, Gurgaon, Haryana 122009

So, to sum it up! Someone who is a bon vivant and seeking finger licking Chinese food in Gurgaon, indulge like a great connoisseur with amazing varieties of mouth-watering delicious food in any of the eateries above!! “Xie-Xie” (That’s how you say ‘thanks’ in China).

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