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Best Tea in GurgaonIndians see the sunshine after having their energy shot of the day: Chai! Yes, such is the importance of Chai in India. Be it the break time in college, late night studies, office meetings or office break time, a hot discussion, a simple date, you have Chai literally for every bonding event and moving life ahead! Chai addicts have uncountable cups of tea a day. Yes, there must be something great about Chai! You can now explore that boiling strong fragrance of masala, ginger, mint, green tea, cardamom etc at the below shops serving the best tea in Gurgaon. I know you must be already up for your next Chai!
Kulhad chai at Chaayos is considered as one of the best tea in gurgaon

Chaayos: The New CCD of Gurgaon

If its Chai, its Chaayos! Yes, Chai and Chaayos have literally become synonymous words; such is the popularity of Chaayos! Chai enthusiasts, you should make this place your Chai point for your regular dosage of one cup full of vigor! The best part is that you can get your tea modified. Here you will get various varieties of chai and is considered as one of the best tea cafes in gurgaon also serving delicious snacks and munchies you can take along with your chai. Shake off the lethargy with a hot Kullad Chai or Saunf Chai along with the tasty VadaPav and a bun full of Maska! It’s great for impatient folks like myself, as it serves you fresh tea in no time! Hollah! Café Chai Day.
Enjoy Lemon tea at Chai point simply Best tea in gurgaon

Chai Point: Bhaag Milkha Bhaag

That cold breeze in winter along with a chuski of piping hot Chai, how’s it? Yes, get your daily energy booster that costs you a meager 25 bucks! Isn’t that a deal worth every day? Yes, another one of the best tea cafes in Gurgaon is Chai Point that serves elaborate varieties. You must try Ginger tea along with brownie and you will make this your regular! Lemon tea and Masala tea are superbly done. With the popularity Chai Point, this place surely justifies its tag line ‘India runs on Chai’ and we run on Chai Point! Go, not too light, not too strong, the best tea in Gurgaon awaits you!
I will rate Sancha Yoga Green Tea as Best tea in gurgaon

Sancha Tea Boutique: The Jimmy Choo of Chai

Now this is something exciting coming up for Chai Lovers. Yes, India’s favorite daily drink has just turned couture! You read it right, it is Sancha Tea Boutique where you get specially curated tea tasting room and store! Diet conscious tea lovers, you have a reason to rejoice as Sancha Tea retails a variety of Green tea blends with supplementary spices and healthy herbs. Their winner tea is the Sancha Yoga Green Tea – a total detox! There are rich handpicked blends of White Teas from Assam, Darjeeling and Nilgiri comprising wild rose, lemon grass and mint. Considering the regular desi tea palette, Sancha Tea has detailed serving of Masala Chai, Maharani Chai and Vanilla and Cardamom Blends. Tea tasting is an integral characteristic of Sancha Tea, so are you ready for a quenching tea party here? Still thinking over your next tea? Book yourself here for a great cuppatea in Gurgaon!

Address: 209A DLF Cross Point Market, DLF City Phase 4, Sector 30 M Wide Rd, DLF City 4, Sector 28, Gurgaon, Haryana 122002
No one make this desi masala chai better at just for chai considered as Best tea in gurgaon

Just for Chai: Cozy Point

Even a non Chai connoisseur will start being one after having Chai here! Such is the thrill and magic of the chuski at Just for Chai. The desi masala chai loyalists, please try other interesting varieties like Irani Chai that comes with a perfect hint of Saunf along with Paratha. The Chai finicky people, you will discover the perfectly ‘kadak’ chai that you crave for! Yes, a cutting is enough to solve your worries and stress. Tea here is never served luke warm as many of you might have complained elsewhere. You will surely go ahhhh after that first sip of the best tea in Gurgaon!

Address: Suncity, Sector 54, Gurgaon, Haryana 122003

Get your tonic right away in form of the best tea in Gurgaon that acts as a loyal healer!

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