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Best Kashmiri food in Gurgaon

Best Kashmiri Food in Gurgaon: Jannat Bas Yahi Hai

Kashmir is one place that has always been in highlight be it for its border issues or natural beauty or woolens or food. One shall easily find the Kashmiri woolens, handicrafts and carpets in Delhi and Gurgaon but it is tough to get that authentic and elaborate cuisine of the ‘Heaven on earth’ here in […]

Best Restaurants in Salt Lake kolkata

Best Restaurants in Salt Lake – Choose, Drive and Binge

Gone are those days when Salt Lake was known as a ‘deserted’ area in Kolkata. This locality is now one of the most happening places in the city with some of the most innovative restaurants that cater to all tastes and budgets. Here is a list of some of the best restaurants in Salt Lake. […]

Restaurants in Ambience Mall Gurgaon

Ambience Mall Restaurants That Will Tickle Your Taste Buds

Gurgaon is an amazing place to be at for a perfect weekend outing! If you are confused where to go in Gurgaon, then don’t you think much my buoy, head to Ambience Mall in Gurgaon. It is by far, one of the best one-stop weekend outing destinations. You have all the brands for the shopaholic […]

Best Restaurants in Park Street Kolkata

Best Restaurants In Park Street: Kolkata’s EAT Street

Park Street Kolkata – some people call it the ‘food street’, some say ‘happening street’ and some say ‘lively street’. But, for me it is Nostalgia Street. Yes, I have been coming here since my childhood days and I simply love eating in the amazing restaurants of Park Street. Park Street has an evergreen relationship […]

Best Sea Food in Gurgaon

She Sells Sea Food by the Gurgaon Shore

There are people who love hassle free, simple food which cooks fast and tastes awesome. One such meal is Sea Food and yes to savor that assortment of best Sea Food in Gurgaon, you have to explore the gourmand horizons of Sea Food restaurants in Gurgaon! Be it that succulent fish or a perfectly flavored […]

Best North Indian Food in Kolkata

7 North Indian Food Restaurants That Make You Go ‘WOW’

Kolkata offers a variety when it comes to North Indian food and if you are one of those Calcuttans whose weekend dinners are incomplete without butter chicken and Naan, and who always associates Kolkata with exotic Indian food and legendary Indian restaurants, this one’s for you! There are innumerable North Indian restaurants in the city […]

Best Golgappe, Paani Puri, Puchkas in Gurgaon

What’s in a Name? Paani Puri aka Puchka aka Golgappe in Gurgaon

‘Bhaiya thoda paani aur dena saunth daal kar’! Yes,this very line is synonymous with the king of street food- golgappe. I am sure, people of all ages and sizes must have tried, this “one” street food- golgappe, puchka, batashe, gupchup, or for many, paanipuri. There are so many variations and names to this ultimate heavenly […]

Eateries Around Calcutta University

5 Favourite Eateries Around Calcutta University

College life is probably one of the best parts of our lives – friends, girlfriends, boyfriends, studies, career, masti and most of all eating out! And if Calcutta University is your home base while you pursue your education, you are definitely in for a treat. With all the running around and pressure you will be […]

Best Thai food in Gurgaon

Go Thai at Gurgaon-land

Thai food is a profusion of exotic flavors and fragrances, be it juicy pieces of grilled pork on a stick, creamy curries, spicy stir fries or a fiery bowl of ‘Tom Yum’ soup! The food is high on taste as well as health and it shall be a big feast for vegetarians as well as […]

Novotel Kolkata

5 Reasons Why You Should NOT Visit Novotel Kolkata

I hate Novotel Kolkata. This five star hotel has become such a great topic in my family and all I hear is “let’s go, this is the last time” every time we visit there. ‘Why, what is the problem’ you ask? Well, I have my reasons – rather, 5 reasons why you should not go […]

Best Railway Mutton Curry in Gurgaon

Railway Mutton Curry in Gurgaon: Tastes from the British Raj Train

The moment you hear of Railway Mutton Curry, its takes you back to the colonial era when traveling through First Class train was a status symbol and having Railway Mutton Curry was an affair to remember! Yes, this dish was originated during the British rule colonial era. The legacy of this gourmet’s dish is continued […]

K-19 and the bridge at Park Plaza Kolkata are the finest restaurants in 5 star hotels in Kolkata

7 Must Visit Restaurants at 5 Star Hotels In Kolkata

How many of us just want to make any celebratory occasion special? Okay, bad question! Rephrasing – How many of us put lot of effort in thinking how to make an occasion special? There is a checklist that we consider – good food, great venue, company and budget. Well, I am here to reduce that […]

Best Restaurants in Kingdom of Dreams

A Gateway To The Kingdom Of Your Dreams

Entertainment! Entertainment! Entertainment! If this is exactly what you are looking for, then the Kingdom of Dreams in Gurgaon will beautifully grant your wish. With some of the best shows and best restaurants in Kingdom of Dreams, you will keep coming back for more. Spread over a massive 6 acres’ field and built for a […]

Bohemian Kolkata

Why Bohemian Kolkata Will Make You Say Udibaba

Are you the one of those people who simply cannot decide what your favourite cuisine is? Does a dish of Shukto sound just as appealing as a bowl of Florentine, which you want with some Prawn Cutlets and Kasundi? Then there is no better place for you than Bohemian Kolkata – a restaurant where you […]

Best Italian Food in Gurgaon

Italy via Gurgaon: Best Italian Food in Gurgaon

As a youngster you must have surely been dreaming and drooling over Pizza, Pasta, Ravioli etc. Gurgaon Gourmets have always been seeking that perfect authentic Italian cuisine unlike the one that we have at home, weddings or at any mediocre multi cuisine restaurant. So gourmands, explore your territory of Best Italian Food in Gurgaon with […]